Our Services​

Below you can find the various court reporting services that Integra Reporting Group offers to help you fulfill your  reporting needs.


Integra Reporting Group handles reporting services for trials, hearings, depositions, DOAH proceedings, criminal court, and adoptions.​


Schedule your meeting and send the agenda​.

Video and Video Teleconferencing​

Meet your team wherever they are with our video conferencing equipment. When you can’t travel, Integra can schedule teleconference proceedings in Florida and around the country. Our local videographers are State certified.​


Need an interpreter? Integra’s resources have access to over 15 languages . We can help.​

Audio/Digital Transcription from CDs​

If you need audio files converted into a written or electronic text document, Integra Reporting Group has you covered.

Need to meet outside of Tampa?

With Integra’s resources we can handle your depositions, hearings, or trials anywhere; call us first and we’ll network with our affiliates around the state and the country so you don’t have to worry about quality or timeliness. Looking ahead to the future, Integra ensures you’ll have a pleasant and professional experience.